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Holistic Wealth is the experience of abundance across all areas in your life from financial, relational, mental, physical, psychological and spiritual.

Explore your emotions. Exapand your wealth.
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What I Do

My practice offers a suite of services that empower clients in their pursuit of financial wellness and a deeply fulfilling life.

I am a former award winning Financial Planner, the first Financial Therapist in Toronto, Trauma Informed Practitioner, and Registered Psychotherapist (Q). I am on a mission to fill the gaps in our financial services industry by helping my clients with their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs around money. My practice offers an opportunity for economic healing and financial empowerment. 



A safe space to help you gain control over your thoughts, feelings and situations that might be keeping you stuck. Available to Ontario Residents only.
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I work with various financial professionals, institutions, and organizations to infuse financial therapy with their work and expand the impact to clients.
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I offer various speaking services ranging from Financial Therapy workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches
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Who I am

A passionate, life-loving, energetic soul on a mission!

It is my responsibility to truthfully uphold and fulfill my purpose in this world: To live a life of service and to support my clients on their unique healing journeys.

My Energy Exchange:

Having access to coaching and therapy is a privilege; therefore, I am keen on ensuring that I try to the best of my ability to make myself available to those ready and are in need for my service. In building my business, I wanted to uphold 2 values: abundance and accessibility.

  • Abundance: trusting in the flow of money and having full faith in the viability and success of my vision.
  • Accessibility: Creating avenues of participation for those in underserved communities, low-income families and newcomers. 

For this reason, I offer a sliding scale options. Each service I offer is unique. To explore your own energy exchange with me, please book a complimentary consultation call.


Welcome to Conscious Economics Podcasts

I am a regular guest on the Conscious Economics Podcast, where vulnerable and radical conversations are delivered with love. We believe that the new economy thrives at the intersection of 4 pillars: People + Planet + Profit + Art. Each episode highlights topics that shape the future of work through the lens of mindfulness, social justice, decolonization, financial therapy and more.



Being a part of the Date Your Money program has allowed me to think beyond my own set limitations. I am now on my way to not just dreaming about the possibilities, but also materializing those dreams. Aseel has given me the tools and necessary steps towards understanding my present identity and creating a new one that is a much happier and joyful version of myself. For years I had been struggling with my past and underlying insecurities that I had unconsciously built and she has been such a blessing in allowing me to uncover my past and forge my truth for the present and future. I would recommend her to anyone that would benefit from her because she helps not only with your financial identity but also with your human identity and condition. She is truly an amazing human being and inspires those she touches with her gift.

Lissette Blandon
Individual Financial Therapy Client

Aseel’s support to breakthrough money stigma is very inspiring. These are difficult conversations to have and she has the grace and strength of heart to lead them. She’s helped me explore my own struggling money mindset and move towards a more resourced and abundant spirit, supporting me in my creative journey of entrepreneurship

Alida Finnie
Individual Financial Therapy Client

Working with Aseel on my relationship with money has changed my life. Her ability to guide me deeper into my own patterns, has helped to reveal the blocks that have prevented me from honouring my true value since childhood. Aseel has a natural way of making life’s most challenging circumstances transform into an opportunity for growth. I am so appreciative of her and this work.

Rhiannon Rosalind
Individual Financial Therapy Client

It is so refreshing and needed, someone who takes a different approach to financial literacy. Aseel will change the landscape for many Canadians who are often excluded (or more importantly feel like they are excluded) from enjoying financial prosperity. I wholly recommend any of her workshops or her as a financial therapist

Tanya Hales
Workshop Attendee

Aseel is extremely passionate about her work and is on a mission to spread her unique message. I had the pleasure of having her speak at one of my events, and people just loved her content and energy. I highly recommend her as a financial therapist/speaker.

Shahab Anari
Speaking Client

In November 2021, Aseel El Baba’s Money Monsters presentation was headlined as part of Mohawk College’s National Financial Literacy Month activities.  The event was thoughtful, informative and provided students with valuable insight into their money personalities.  The virtual event was a success and well-received by our students with many commenting on the fun and interactive format.

Deborah Clinton
Speaking Client