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Victoria Morton (Group Financial Therapy Client)
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I had never heard of financial therapy but I'm SO glad I came across Aseel's work. Each session helped crack open parts of my life I hadn't even realized were driving daily discomfort. I thought of money as something that just needed to be managed. But through the course I realized just how misaligned my financial actions were with who I believed myself to be. Years of being underpaid and various childhood experiences left me treating money in a way that felt anxious and insecure. But that's not who I am anymore. Because of Aseel's course, my financial decisions now align with and contribute to the person I'm proud to be. I'm confident, independant, creative and values-driven. My money reflects that. I don't save because I'm afraid, I save because I value security. I didn't upgrade my apartment because I'm materialistic, I upgraded because investing in my creative space is a core part of my daily happiness. I don't resist new purchases because I don't deserve them, I resist because buying second hand and owning fewer possessions aligns with my values. Aseels course helped me replace feelings of anxiety and guilt with confidence and clarity.