My talks encompass a fusion of real-world experience, derived from my own journey along with insight from spending a decade in the Financial Sector, as well as research backed information. My goal is to create an experience that leaves any audience inspired, uplifted, empowered and informed.

Speaking style

My speaking style is appealing to both right-brain and left-brain individuals. I like to maintain a natural, conversational, and engaging atmosphere. I aim to leave my audience with practical tools that they can implement to create change for themselves and others.

I tap into my body, mind and soul to access the zone of true impact.

~ Aseel El-Baba ~

Speaking Topics

Money Mindset

Money Mindset

Money can be one of the most stressful topics we experience in our lives.
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Customized Workshop

Customized Workshop

Money has so many layers and angles in which we can explore this topic.
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Money Monsters

Money! Yikes – that is a stressful topic that cripples most people. In this workshop, Aseel will be addressing this taboo in a fun way by introducing you to your very own Money Monster.

These archetypes are created to help you explore the dysfunctional parts of your relationship with money in a way that feels welcoming and lighthearted. Regardless of your financial situation, we all deal with monsters that sabotage our relationship with money.

Understanding our money trauma can help reduce our shame and guilt with our irrational money behaviors, as we make some space for compassion and healing.

Aseel will also provide you with some tips to walk away with to start developing healthy habits to foster financial health. 

What to expect:

  • Identify your own money monster
  • Bring awareness to your dysfunctional money behaviors
  • Tips and tools to cope and overcome your financial challenges
Money Mindset

Money can be one of the most stressful topics we experience in our lives.

How we think and feel about money has a big impact on our ability to achieve financial health. Therefore, addressing our financial challenges requires a holistic approach that is beyond the numbers.

In this workshop, Aseel will introduce us to the importance of cultivating a healthy money mindset. The attitude that we have about our finances drives how we make key financial decisions every day. Aseel will share 3 important mindset shifts that we can immediately use to create better financial habits and experiences.

What to expect:

  • Understand money mindset and why it is important
  • 3 mindset shifts that are important for healthy money habits
  • Exercises to use with clients to support their mindset coaching
Customized workshops

The topic of money is VAST! There are so many layers and angles in which we can explore this topic.

I am a member of the Financial Therapist Association and I get access to tons of constant great research on various matters.

I can customize a workshop that fits your needs. Whether you are a company looking to offer training to your staff, a conference looking to add value to your attendees, or a non-profit organization looking to create impact in the community, I would love to hear from you to explore how I can serve you and your target audience.



Aseel is extremely passionate about her work and is on a mission to spread her unique message. I had the pleasure of having her speak at one of my events, and people just loved her content and energy. I highly recommend her as a financial therapist/speaker.

Shahab Anari
Speaking Client

In November 2021, Aseel El Baba’s Money Monsters presentation was headlined as part of Mohawk College’s National Financial Literacy Month activities.  The event was thoughtful, informative and provided students with valuable insight into their money personalities.  The virtual event was a success and well-received by our students with many commenting on the fun and interactive format.

Deborah Clinton
Speaking Client